Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga is suitable for women from 16 weeks pregnant to full term. Whether you are brand new to yoga or you have a current practice, you are welcome in this class. Pregnancy yoga will prepare your body physically and your mind emotionally for labour and birth. During pregnancy your body is changing at a rapid pace. It is important to keep your body strong through these changes. Yoga can help you strengthen and tone, staying fit during pregnancy. The sequences will energize your body and stretch any areas that are harbouring tension; focusing on your neck, shoulders, hips and spine. Remaining active and fit during your pregnancy is so important.

There will be more emphasis on breathing practices than in a regular yoga class. The breath is a powerful tool that can be used to stay calm during challenging times – labour in particular! 

Pregnancy yoga allows you to meet other mums-to-be in your area and build friendships during your pregnancy. Sharing the experiences of your pregnancy with others each week can alleviate fears and help you feel more supported.