Mum & Baby Yoga


This is a one hour session suitable for post natal recovery. Available for mums 6 weeks post delivery and 10 weeks post c-section up until baby is standing. Primarily, this class is for mums to get back in to a good yoga routine again with baby in tow! It is ideal to create a yoga practice with your baby, you will build strength, stamina and start to feel fit again.

This is a fun yoga class focusing on specific areas to get your body back in shape and improve your posture. Paying particular attention to pelvic floor health, abdominal and upper body strength, which makes carrying baby a little easier! Practicing yoga with your baby has more than just physical benefits. It contributes to your mental well-being and help to prevent potential postnatal blues especially with the breath work practised in the classes. A happier, calmer mum will make for a happier and calmer baby. 

Part of the class will be dedicated solely to your baby. You will learn how to connect with your baby through yoga. The exercises practised are designed to stretch babies out and strengthen their little muscles. We will sing songs, complete with actions, which helps promote bonding and playtime. See the benefits yoga has on your baby when they leave relaxed and soothed after class!

While wonderful and special in many ways, motherhood can also sometimes be isolating and lonely. Mum and baby yoga creates an environment to meet other mums in the area, share stories, laugh and feel supported by others in the first year. Everything goes in this class! We welcome sleeping, crying, feeding and changing. My mum & baby yoga class is a supportive environment where everyone is in the same boat.